Parent Workshops

As part of our commitment to working with parents as partners, Wu Kai Sha Kindergarten offers a number of workshops during the year to parents. These are delivered by teaching staff and sometimes by outside providers, to allow parents to develop further understanding of our programme and relevant issues concerning early childhood development.

Evening Workshops and Presentations

Our evening sessions are typically delivered in presentation or workshop style and cover a broad range of topics. We have has recently held the following workshops with more coming soon in the weeks and months ahead:

Term 1

  • 29/08/17: Y1 Admissions Process for ESF Schools (Christopher Coyle)
  • 19/09/17: Power Struggles & Positive Language at Home (Marie Marchand)
  • 10/10/17: Exploring the PYP in the Early Years (Helen Thomson)
  • 24/10/17: Let’s Get Them Talking – Developing Children’s Speech & Language (Christopher Coyle & Christine Ainsworth)
  • 14/11/17: Outdoor Learning (Helen Thomson & Kerry Ngao)
  • 21/11/17: Engaging with Nature (Helen Brighton)

Term 2

  • 16/01/18: Early Reading Development (Helen Thomson)
  • 30/01/18: Supporting Children’s Writing Development (Helen Thomson)
    – Registration available from 22/01/18 at the school office
  • 13/02/18: Mathematics in the Early Years (Laura Dehm & Aylin Kip)
    – Registration available from 05/02/18 at the school office
  • 27/02/18: Supporting English as an Additional Language (Helen Thomson)
    – Registration available from 12/02/18 at the school office
  • 24/04/18: Engaged Attention & Learning (Christine Ainsworth & Linsay Irvine)
    – Registration available from 26/03/18 at the school office

To register for these workshops, please contact the school office. We do hope you find th
ese useful. If there are areas of the curriculum or other subjects that you would welcome a workshop or information session on, please do let us know.

Stay & Play Sessions

Stay and Play sessions take place during the school day and are an opportunity to learn about a particular topic, followed by demonstration and practise in the classroom.

  • 12/10/2017: The Value of Sensory Play & How to Make Your Own Playdough (Helen Thomson)
  • 08/11/17: Fine Motor Development (Christine Ainsworth)
  • 17/01/18: Cooking with Children (Helen Thomson)

 You can find a copy of workshop resources and presentations on our Community Hub.