The school takes an inclusive approach to learning, embracing individuality and responding positively to each child’s unique needs. Personalised learning opportunities are created, providing support to ensure each child’s full potential is realised. In order to support learning and teaching for all students our school employs a full time teacher in the role of Learning Diversity Coordinator. The Learning Diversity Coordinator works closely with children, teachers and parents to coordinate and deliver additional support strategies, early intervention, provide expert guidance and advice and liaise with associated primary schools and outside agencies.

Where necessary, parents are invited to school to discuss an Individual Education Programme (IEP) with teachers. This ensures a collaborative approach in devising long and short term targets that can be implemented consistently at home and at school. Parents are asked to submit any reports from outside agencies eg. Occupational Therapy or Speech and Language Therapy and keep the school informed of any health issues which may impact on a child’s learning.

Screening Services and Additional Services*

In order to ensure early identification of children’s learning needs and provide appropriate intervention, our school offers parents the opportunity to have their child assessed by professional therapy services. The benefits of early intervention are widely recognised, including improving the long term outcomes for young children. Providing early support often prevents a child requiring further and prolonged interventions at a later stage.

Screening services are offered for all children in Speech and Language, Occupational Therapy and Hearing, at the beginning of each academic year.  Further screenings can be arranged throughout the year if necessary.

‘Watchdog’ Additional Support Services

In partnership with the Hong Kong Social Welfare Department (SWD) and Watchdog Early Education Centre, we have access to ‘On-site Preschool Rehabilitation Services’. These services are a welcome addition to our external therapy services and a great collaboration project between Watchdog and the school. Watchdog provide services for Speech and Language, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and a support teacher for children who are on the waiting list for SWD-subvented pre-school services. (CRSRehab).

*screening and therapy services are provided through service agreement from external providers at an additional cost