Parent Staff Association (PSA)

The Wu Kai Sha Kindergarten Parent Staff Association (PSA) works tirelessly throughout the year to arrange community events and support the purchase of additional resources for our children. The PSA achieves a tremendous amount each year and plays an integral role in the life of the school.

The PSA aims to:

  • advance the education and well being of the students of the school by providing or assisting in the provision of activities for the school
  • initiate and promote the interest and participation of the parents, students and teachers in recreational, cultural and in social affairs

The PSA is a registered organisation governed under the Hong Kong Societies Ordinance and all parents of children attending the school shall be members. A nominal fee is paid at the beginning of each school year. Each year, the PSA holds an Annual General Meeting where the events and accounts for the previous school year are reviewed. The AGM is also used as the opportunity to elect official office bearers through a closed ballot.

Chair: Mr. Dennis Chong
Vice-Chair: Ms Sybil Chan
Treasurer: Mr Clive Wong
Secretary: Ms Josephine Lai

Official Member – Lead Class Representative: Ms Julia Yeung
Official Member – Student Programmes: Ms Cathy Chu
Official Member – Fund Raising: Ms Karen Law
Official Member – Communication: Ms Shayan Hassan



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 You can find further information about PSA events and activities on our Community Hub