The majority of children complete a two year programme at Wu Kai Sha Kindergarten before moving on to an ESF primary school. 

Currently, children graduating from our kindergartens will enjoy priority PLUS an interview-free process when applying for Year 1 at an ESF school.

Starting from 2021/22, ESF kindergarten children joining K1 from August 2020, who can benefit from a mainstream, English medium curriculum, will be guaranteed a Year 1 place at an ESF school.

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Admissions Enquiries

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What is a Typical Interview Like?
Groups for interview/play visit usually comprise of four to six children with a parent or carer who will stay with them for the duration of the play visit. The children will be able to choose from a range of activities, such as construction sets and/or drawing whilst interacting with one another and their adults. There will be several teachers in the room observing the children play and interact with their adult, however it is fine if the children don’t want to speak to us as we are new to them.

We will also speak to the parents during the play visit to find out more information about the children, such as what their interests are, which languages are spoken at home and whether the children have any medical or other needs we should be aware of.

What Skills Are Important?
The teachers are looking for evidence that each child has age appropriate play and language skills in their first language. They don’t need to be proficient at English as we find children who have a good grasp of their mother tongue can usually learn English and therefore benefit from an English medium education.

“My child is extremely shy in new environments; What if they don’t speak during the interview?”
The teachers are all professionals who understand that some children may be affected by the new environment. Sometimes we may ask you to provide some video of your child’s play and language skills at home. This is an environment they are likely to be more comfortable speaking in. This video should again be play based with an adult or other child interacting with the child.

What if My Child Does Not Get an Interview Date?
As the interview process unfolds, more spaces become available as other families do not accept this invitation for interview or placement. This process continues until all the available spaces have been filled.

What Follows the Interview?
Parents will be informed of results. Assuming success, a deposit is required to secure your child’s place at the kindergarten.